What does it cost to sell your house!

You want to sell your house or maybe you are just thinking about it.  Perhaps you want to downsize or you are tired of all the time and money for upkeep.  Maybe you inherited a house and you don’t know what to do with it and all the stuff that’s still in there. You might … Continued

What is a Real Estate Appraiser?

A Real Estate Appraiser is someone who gets certified in assessing the value of property, either commercial or residential. Almost always they work for the lender. Most of the time a real estate appraiser is used to estimate the value of a piece of property usually when you sell your house but prior to a … Continued

Kentuckiana Foreclosure rates for Feb

The Kentuckiana Pre Foreclosure Stats tick up in February The pre foreclosure rate in the Kentuckiana area which encompasses Louisville, Ky in Jefferson Co and includes New Albany, IN in Floyd County and Jeffersonville, IN in Clark County has been a mixed bag. 1 in every 1668 home in Jefferson County, Ky, which is mostly … Continued

How does Louisville Rate?

I have lived in Louisville my whole life, except for the 4.5 years I lived in OH for college, and think Louisville is great. Then I got to thinking, where does it rate in other people’s minds?  What do folks think of things like the cost of living, how is the real estate market, and … Continued